Digital mailbox

Digital mailbox wanted? With our Postbox you can now receive your mail digitally. You can log in from anywhere in the world to view your post. The mail is scanned several times a week and processed according to your preferences. With a postal address that you can use for business or private purposes, already for € 5,95 per month.

PriPost is your post scanner, so you now have a digital mailbox. A Postbox, with which you never have to change your postal address again. And so that you as an entrepreneur simply view your mail digitally. Or to log in privately from the other side of the world, for example if you are on a great trip around the world.


Receive, scan and view online

You want to receive your mail digitally? We use your digital mailbox to ensure that you can receive the mail, that we scan it for you and that you can quickly view it online. With our Postbox you will benefit from the following advantages:

  • Digitize incoming mail
    We will digitize your incoming mail several times a week. So you can easily view your mail from the PriPortal, without having to go to a mailbox any longer.
  • Available quickly
    We scan the mail several times a week, so that you can count on having your mail readily available digitally. And so you are immediately informed from your digital mailbox and never have to miss anything again.
  • Scan or forward
    Have your mail scanned or have it forwarded to your address. So you don’t have to share your private address everywhere. In batches with multiple mail items, for example to make use of it also abroad in an economical way.

Digital mailbox for entrepreneurs and companies

Our Postbox is the digital mailbox for entrepreneurs and companies. As an alternative to the traditional mailroom, because there is less and less mail coming in. And at the same time much cheaper and more efficient, because you can already use it for € 5,95 per month.

Avoid having to use an employee to digitize the mail. And keep money in your pocket, by handing it over to our specialists. Who do nothing else and who manage the digital mailbox of many other entrepreneurs. For maximum efficiency.

Tip: assign the scanned mail to departments or specific employees? Easy from the PriPortal, so you have full control.

Tip: we also scan the mail for, for example, administrators and mentors for whom we apply special rates. For more information, please feel free to contact us.


A digital mailbox in 4 steps

Curious how it works if you want to use our digital mailbox?
We list it for you in 4 easy steps:

  1. Apply for your Postbox
  2. Specify your mail processing preferences
  3. Inform your relationships about your new postal address
  4. Receive your mail digitally from now on