Post scanner: digital processing

Post scanner wanted? From € 5,95 per month with our Postbox, plus a small amount per postal item that we scan for you.

We can digitize your incoming mail, as we do for about 75% of our customers. Who view their mail digitally, so that they stay informed even from the other side of the world. Useful, for example if you are travelling or (temporarily) living abroad.

Scanning incoming mail

Curious how that works if you use our post scanner? We do this in a few simple steps:

  • Mail in your Postbox
    You will give your customers, relations, family, friends and official agencies the address of your Postbox. That’s where your mail comes in, at our office.
  • Scanning: envelope or its contents
    Do you first want to receive a scan of the envelope or do you want to have the contents scanned right away? So you can determine it per envelope or have everything digitized immediately.
  • Digitally available
    You can view the mail digitally from your customer portal. The safest and most sustainable way, because we don’t have to physically forward it to you.

We scan the mail several times a week. This means that the post is quickly available for you to view, via the customer portal. You don’t have to wait much longer, despite having the mail sent to our Postbox instead of your (home) address. Useful for shielding your address, if you are abroad or if you do not want to use it in business.

Snelle postverwerking door scannen

Post scanner: digital processing

Use our mail scanner? For digital processing we offer a number of possibilities. Most customers choose to have the post opened and scanned directly. And then destroy the originals, because you don’t need them anymore. It also prevents costs for scanning the envelope and possibly forwarding it.

Tip: would you like to receive the originals yourself? Then we’ll forward them to you. This can be collected in a larger envelope, saving you easily on costs.

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