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Post scanner: digital processing

Post scanner wanted? From € 5,95 per month with our Postbox, plus a small amount per postal item that we scan for you.

We can digitize your incoming mail, as we do for about 75% of our customers. Who view their mail digitally, so that they stay informed even from the other side of the world. Useful, for example if you are travelling or (temporarily) living abroad.

Scanning incoming mail

Curious how that works if you use our post scanner? We do this in a few simple steps:

  • Mail in your Postbox
    You will give your customers, relations, family, friends and official agencies the address of your Postbox. That’s where your mail comes in, at our office.
  • Scanning: envelope or its contents
    Do you first want to receive a scan of the envelope or do you want to have the contents scanned right away? So you can determine it per envelope or have everything digitized immediately.
  • Digitally available
    You can view the mail digitally from your customer portal. The safest and most sustainable way, because we don’t have to physically forward it to you.

We scan the mail several times a week. This means that the post is quickly available for you to view, via the customer portal. You don’t have to wait much longer, despite having the mail sent to our Postbox instead of your (home) address. Useful for shielding your address, if you are abroad or if you do not want to use it in business.

Snelle postverwerking door scannen

Post scanner: digital processing

Use our mail scanner? For digital processing we offer a number of possibilities. Most customers choose to have the post opened and scanned directly. And then destroy the originals, because you don’t need them anymore. It also prevents costs for scanning the envelope and possibly forwarding it.

Tip: would you like to receive the originals yourself? Then we’ll forward them to you. This can be collected in a larger envelope, saving you easily on costs.

Are you ready to apply for your Postbox?

Arrange it easily within a few minutes!

Do you first want some more information or do you have a specific question?

Call us, send an e-mail or chat with our employees via the contact page.

Questions and answers regarding mail scanning

What happens if there is a debit card or pin code received in my Postbox?2019-07-10T12:57:57+02:00

PriPost does not open any envelopes which we suspect is a debit or credit card. We will scan the envelope and notify you. Also, envelopes with pin codes (which have a different format) will not be opened. Even if you expressly request us to do so. These envelopes can only be forwarded by us.

I think it’s a weird idea that mail is opened by strangers2019-07-13T12:40:20+02:00

We can imagine that very well. Mail may contain private information that you do not want others to see. PriPost has set up its procedures so that mail is not read by the employees. The scanning is done in an automated process Even the envelopes are opened automatically in 98% of the cases.

In addition, every employee must have a VOG and scan mail is always processed by two employees, so that there is control.

How much are the costs for scanning?2020-01-12T12:56:42+01:00

The price of a scan is only € 0,65. For a complete overview you can check out the rates page. Scanning is the most chosen and economical option and is preferred by over 70% of our customers.

How does scanning my mail work?2020-01-12T13:03:39+01:00

You have the choice that we will open and scan all your mail, or that we first scan the envelopes so that you can indicate whether or not we are allowed to open them. On the day of receipt, the mail will be scanned and sent to you by e-mail as a PDF file.
You decide what to do with the originals. You can still get it, for example 1 x per month, or we can destroy it carefully for you (class 4: Very confidential documents).

How does PriPost know that something is advertising?2019-07-14T16:51:11+02:00

Often that is very clear, for example a Makro folder. If we are in any doubt as to whether something is advertising, we will first send you a cover scan. You can then decide for yourself what to do with the content. We can scan, forward or destroy it. Sorting by advertising takes place before the envelope is opened.

How does PriPost destroy the original documents after scanning?2019-07-13T12:14:56+02:00

By default we destroy your mail in accordance with DIN Class 4: Very confidential documents. On request It is also possible to destroy the post according to the DIN class-5: Secret documents. You can find more information about these standards at Destroying the originals after scanning according to the standard method is free with scan option 1.

Can I have the original documents forwarded to me after scanning?2019-07-03T16:15:07+02:00

Yes, this is possible. You determine what we need to do with the original documents. For most of the customers we destroy the mail after scanning. Of course you can choose to have the originals forwarded periodically.

Can I first have the envelope scanned before it is opened?2019-07-03T16:11:41+02:00

Yes, this is certainly possible. We will scan the envelope first, so that you can indicate by envelope whether you want to have it unopened destroyed, opened and scanned, or forwarded unopened.

Can I exclude advertising from scanning?2019-07-13T12:15:12+02:00

When setting up your Postbox, you can indicate whether you want to have recipient advertisements processed. If you wish, we also scan the advertisement. If not, we can filter out and destroy advertising for you, free of charge.

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