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Digitize incoming mail

Digitize your incoming mail? Handy if you don’t want to receive the mail on paper anymore and still want to be able to look at it quickly. Easily in your online digital mailbox. By logging in with your own account, after which you will immediately see the (business) mail you have received.

We help you digitize the mail by scanning it as soon as we receive the mail in your Postbox. That means the mail is quickly available to you, so you can look at it online, and you stay informed about letters and other mail items.


Digitising mail: without advertising

Without the advertising, of course, because we digitize the mail and filter out the advertising (leaflets) for you right away. So you don’t have to worry about that and instead just pay attention to what’s really important.

Moreover, you decide how we handle your mail. For example, by first scanning only the envelope or directly opening the mail and making the content available online. Even with registered mail, which we can receive for you and process it the way you want.

We are your specialist to digitize the incoming mail, without paying a high price or having to worry about it. Instead, we do this as much as possible in the background, so you can count on it that this will be okay. And you can view the mail whenever you want, just by logging in digitally.

Digitize incoming mail: from € 5,95 per month

Are you looking for a post scanner or do you want to have your incoming mail digitized? We do this for companies and for individuals, so we can also serve you well with it.

You can already use a Postbox for € 5,95 per month. This means that you can have the mail delivered to our address, of course in your own box. We digitize the mail that comes in, if you choose to have it scanned. Alternatively, we can forward or store the mail for you, so you always decide for yourself what happens with it.

So do you want to have your mail digitized, for example, so that you can just look at it online? Or if you’re traveling and can’t open the mail yourself? Whatever the reason, we’d love to help you with it.

Questions and answers regarding digitizing mail

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