Scanning: how it works

As soon as we receive mail for you, we first scan the envelope or we open it immediately to scan the contents. This depends on your wishes. The scan will then be visible in the Inbox of your customer portal.

One of the advantages of scanning is that you have your mail quickly available. We scan several times a week. Another advantage is that you can archive your post digitally and that saves a lot of time and work!

A question we often get is: “What if a bank card comes in for me, how do you deal with it?”

scan mail

Of course, we can’t scan a debit card, so we’ll forward it to you by mail. And that goes for more items:

  • badges
  • PINs
  • SIM cards
  • valuable documents such as contracts
  • Etc.

When a mail item arrives that we cannot scan and/or that we suspect you need the original, we will always forward it to you. You will first receive a notification so that you are informed in advance.

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What are the costs?

The cost of scanning is only € 0,65 per page.

In case an envelope contains many pages, only the first 20 pages will be charged. The other pages are free of charge.

If desired, we filter out advertising (free of charge) for you, so that you do not have any unneccesary costs.

Tip: Do you have more than an average amount of mail, for example because you are an administrator? Please contact us, because then we can offer you a special reduced rate.

Scan options

Most customers choose to immediately open all mail, scan it and destroy the originals. This is the most economical option because no envelope scan, destruction costs and/or forwarding costs will be charged. In the PriPortal you can easily indicate your preferences and you can change them at any time.

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