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Registered mail to a P.O. Box is cumbersome

Registered mail in a P.O. box? It is not possible, because there is no one present to sign for the reception. The postman has no choice but to put a note in the mailbox, and then take the mail item with him and take it to the post office or collection point.

As soon as you go to the P.O. box to pick up the mail, you will come across the note, which shows you when the registered mail is delivered and where you can go and pick it up. Sometimes that’s been a few days or even a week ago, depending on how often you drive to the P.O. box to empty it. There is a good chance that the registered document has already been returned to the sender.

Many entrepreneurs are careful to have registered mail sent to their P.O. box, or decide to use their private address. As a result, you have to share it with customers, suppliers and other relations, while you may prefer to keep business and private life separate.

Certified mail

Registered mail: possible at no extra cost at PriPost

At PriPost we understand that you prefer to have your registered mail sent to the same address as your ‘normal’ mail and that you do not have to go to a post office to pick it up. With our Postbox we offer 1 solution for all your mail, including registered mail. We do not charge any extra costs for receiving your registered mail.

Because our postal addresses are unmanned, the delivery of registered mail is as follows:

  • If the mail deliverer rings the doorbell and does not receive a response, the registered mail item is usually simply placed in the mailbox. This is obviously not how it should be, but how it happens in most cases.
  • If the mail deliverer rings the doorbell and does not receive a response, he puts a notification note* in the mailbox, stating that there is registered mail to pick up. He then brings the registered document to the PostNl point, where we pick it up.

*Please note: Unfortunately, nowadays it often happens that no notification note is left or that there is no data on the note. In such cases, we are not aware that there is registered mail. we are not in a position to pick up the item. PriPost unfortunately has no influence on the delivery of registered mail by third parties such as PostNL and we cannot be held liable for this.

Process registered mail differently

PriPost may process your registered mail differently than your regular mail. We can also forward it registered and directly to you. You’ll receive a Track & Trace code, so you’ll know when it’s going to arrive and take it into account. This way you can be sure that you can see and respond to that important mail right away.

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Questions and answers regarding registered mail

What is registered mail?2019-07-14T16:33:15+02:00

Registered mail is mail for which a signature must be placed before receipt. This can be mail delivered by PostNL but also offered by couriers from for example DHL, FedEX or a bailiff. When you have indicated this at the registered mail settings in the customer portal, mail is accepted by PriPost. An employee will then sign for it. The mail is then processed in the way you have set it up. It is also possible that you indicate that you want to have registered mail forwarded directly as registered mail.

Can anyone else sign for registered mail that is addressed to me?2019-07-14T16:39:07+02:00

Yes, that is no problem at all. If you have indicated this in the customer portal, it is possible that someone from PriPost will sign this on behalf of the addressee.

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