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Registered letter to P.O. box

How you want the registered mail processed is of course up to you. So is there going to be a registered letter in your P.O. box? You decide in advance how we deal with that. For example, if customers or official agencies send a registered letter. To your Postbox, because you protect your private address or because you use it for business purposes.

Send and receive: how does our Postbox work?

Others who want to send registered letters to you can do so as they are used to. They use the address of your Postbox, our cheap alternative to a P.O. box. The delivery does not work differently than normal, so they do not have to notice this.

We ask you in advance how to deal with the registered mail you receive. We can accept it for you at no extra cost. Only if you want to, something you can tell us in advance. And what you can change, of course, if you do change your mind.

We know from experience that registered mail often contains important or urgent information. That’s why we offer you the opportunity to treat that mail separately. For example, by sending it directly to you. Even if we scan the rest of the mail for you as agreed, so you can look at it digitally.

Please note: do we also have to forward the mail to you by registered mail? You will receive a Track & Trace code. We calculate our competitive rate.

Certified mail

Registered letter to a P.O. box

Does the sender send a registered letter to a P.O. box, or your Postbox with us? Unlike a P.O. box, we can just accept it for you. So you can have the registered mail forwarded or scanned, depending on what you like. This prevents you from having to pick up the mail yourself, after a ticket has been left for you to let you know that a letter is waiting for you.

We like to make it as easy as possible for you at PriPost. According to your wishes, for example about how we deal with registered letters you receive. In your Postbox, as an alternative to the P.O. box. In the customer portal, indicate that we can sign for you at PriPost for receipt. So we can take the mail and process it the way you want. So you can also receive the most important and urgent mail without any problems. Without your private address being available anywhere, or with a business postal address that looks a lot more professional.

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