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Registered mail2022-03-16T12:47:06+01:00

Registered mail

In the portal you can easily indicate whether or not we can accept registered mail for you. And if you change your mind, you can always change these settings.

Tip: We do not charge any additional fees for accepting registered mail.

Because registered documents often contain important and/or urgent information, we offer the option to treat these items separately. You can choose from:

  1. Processing as regular mail
  2. Direct forwarding as registered mail
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Option 1
We process registered mail in the same way as your ‘normal’ mail. If you have chosen scanning as an example, we will also scan the registered mail.

Option 2
We will forward the registered mail directly to you, also as registered mail. There are additional costs associated with the registered forwarding. In that case, you will also receive a track & trace code.

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Questions and answers regarding registered mail

What is registered mail?2019-07-14T16:33:15+02:00

Registered mail is mail for which a signature must be placed before receipt. This can be mail delivered by PostNL but also offered by couriers from for example DHL, FedEX or a bailiff. When you have indicated this at the registered mail settings in the customer portal, mail is accepted by PriPost. An employee will then sign for it. The mail is then processed in the way you have set it up. It is also possible that you indicate that you want to have registered mail forwarded directly as registered mail.

Can anyone else sign for registered mail that is addressed to me?2019-07-14T16:39:07+02:00