Step-by-step plan to process incoming mail

Looking for a step-by-step plan for processing incoming mail? We are your specialist in mail processing, because we do this for more than 3,500 customers around the world.

We process the mail for freelancers and other self-employed people, for travellers and for others who would rather not receive their mail at home. And those who want to view the mail digitally, for example, want to have it forwarded or stored for a longer period of time. Whatever your reason, we provide a clear roadmap for processing incoming mail.


Step-by-step plan: use our Postbox

For you, this step-by-step plan for processing incoming mail consists of only one step:

  • Use our Postbox

You can use a Postbox for € 5,95 per month. This gives you an address at one of our locations, where you can have your(business) mail sent. So that you don’t have to receive it yourself anymore and, for example, you don’t have to provide your private address all the time.

The step-by-step plan is no more extensive than that, as this is all you need to do. We will then make sure that we receive the mail for you. Where we filter the advertising for you for free and which we canscan, forward or store for you. Which allows you to digitally look at your mail, receive it in batches or leave it at our office for the time being. Useful if you’re traveling or working independently, and don’t want to receive all kinds of business mail at home.

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