Business mail: flexible processing

Do you want your mail processed for business, so that you have to worry about it as little as possible? Of course, a traditional mailroom is no longer of this time and as a self-employed person or other small business owner it would cost more than it would yield.

We offer you the alternative, for the business mail you receive. By processing it with a Postbox, just the way you want it. With the possibility to scan your mail, have it forwarded or stored for you.

What are the possibilities?

For both business mail and mail that you receive privately, we offer 3 possibilities:

  • Scan
    We scan the mail you receive so you can look at it digitally. Useful if you always want to stay informed, but don’t want to process the physical mail.
  • Forward
    Do you want to continue to receive the mail physically, but preferably neatly collected? For example, receive your business mail once a week or once every 2 weeks, collected in a large envelope.
  • Store
    Can you temporarily not receive (business) mail and would you like to have it stored? We will send it to you on demand, on the moment it suits you.
Business mail

You decide in the customer portal how we process the mail for you. By scanning it, forwarding it or storing it for you. In addition, we simply filter out the advertising for you for free. And do you receive registered (business) mail? We can also receive that for you and forward it to you if necessary.

Your Postbox only costs € 5,95 per month, so you can also use it in an economical way. With the various possibilities for processing. And do you have the mail forwarded or stored? For this we calculate a small contribution, of which you are of course well informed in advance.

Tip: are you unsure what mail is for business and what mail is not? We receive and process all mail. Both those of PostNL, Sandd, FalkPost and other companies, both business and private.

Have business mail processed

Do you want to have your business mail processed? With our Postbox you are completely flexible and you decide how we do it for you. So that you have to worry about your business mail as little as possible. Or to avoid having to provide your private address everywhere, if you want to receive mail.

And do you want to know exactly how it works if you choose our Postbox? Discover our step-by-step plan so you know exactly how it works.

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