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Processing mail: cheap mail processing

Mail processing: it takes time and is unfortunately not a favorite activity of many. Something we do understand at PriPost, so we can help you with it. To process the incoming business mail and to filter out the advertising immediately. Or to receive your private mail for you, in case you prefer to shield your address or if you are travelling on the other side of the world.

Whatever your reason for having your mail processed, we are happy to be there for you. With a Postbox, which you can already use for € 5.50 per month. As a cheap option, so you no longer have to disclose your private address to official agencies, customers and other relation.

PriPost stuurt uw post door

Process incoming mail

Looking for someone to process the incoming mail? We can easily take care of that for you. And curious how we do that? We offer you three options:

  • Scan
    We scan the incoming mail as soon as it arrives for you in your Postbox. We make it digitally available in your customer portal, so you can view the mail the same day. Also from the other side of the world, or if you work from home.
  • Forward
    Still want to receive the original mail? We’ll forward the originals for you. If necessary, collected in a larger envelope, which makes it easy to save on costs. So you don’t have to miss anything without having to do the first processing yourself.
  • Store
    Temporarily not in the Netherlands or no possibility to receive the mail? We store the mail (and also packages) and forward it to you on call. Also to addresses abroad, so you can receive it wherever you want.

In addition, you can have the mail processed with a few important extras. We’ll take out the advertising for free, if you’d rather not receive it. And do you also want to receive parcels or have registered mail accepted with your Postbox? Just indicate it in the customer portal.

Tip: Add additional recipients to your Postbox? Handy for multiple company names or other people for whom you want to receive mail. Free for 4 recipients, and then unlimited expandable for a competitive monthly fee.

Processing mail: cheap mail processing

Processing your mail and reading it digitally? Or have it forwarded to you, without having to provide your (private) address everywhere? We’re your specialist for cheap mail processing. According to a clear step-by-step plan, with which you can be sure that this is done in the right way. For € 5,50 per month, so that you can use it in a good and cheap way.

Scan mail

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