Cancelling Tribes and saving money

Cancel Tribes, because you don’t make much use of it lately? You may choose where you want to work, although you pay a decent price for that.

That is a shame if you make little use of it, or can’t use it at all no longer. Or if you use a business address there, which makes you pay a high price per month. Something that can be cheaper, as many other self-employed people are now also paying attention to costs.

Cancel Tribes: what is my alternative?

Don’t want to work from home anymore, but are you looking for a cheaper alternative to Tribes? You can cancel your agreement, which makes it easy to pay attention to the costs. With the possibility of a flex desk and co-working, so that you can work with other inspiring freelancers. As with Tribes, but for a lower price per month.

PriPost: cheap alternative to Tribes
PriPost: cheap alternative to Tribes

Postbox or registered business address: keep your home address private

Curious where you can go if you decide to cancel Tribes? A Postbox is already available for € 5,95 per month. This means that you can shield your home address, for a little more privacy or not having to send it around for business. And do you choose a registered business address? From €34,25 per month you also have a flexible place to work.

Need a business address with a comfortable workplace? You can find it at PriOffice