Receive mail abroad

Do you want to receive mail abroad? We understand that you do not always want to go to the Poste-Restante from the post office and that you are not waiting to pass on a different address each time. Or to have your mail delivered to family or friends, who you always have to ask if anything has come in.

Fortunately, it can be a lot easier, with our Postbox. As a postal address for people from The Neterlands living abroad. And for travelers who don’t have a fixed address for a while. Or even don’t know exactly where they are in a few weeks. While you can just receive your mail, and even view it the same day.

No fixed address and yet receive your mail

How does that work if you want to receive mail abroad? You can use our Postbox. This means that you have a postal address in the Netherlands, where we receive the mail for you.

Tip: do you receive mail from abroad, in addition to the regular Dutch post? We receive all the mail that we process for you in the way you want.

We can process the mail you receive in a few different ways:

  • Scan and make available the same day
    Do you want to receive mail abroad and just be able to look at it the same day? We’ll scan the mail for you, after which you can look into it in your PriPortal account. So that you just receive your mail, even if you are abroad and do not currently have a fixed address.
  • Store and forward to you
    Would you like to receive your mail physically? We can store the mail for you and then forward it to you. We can do that for you periodically, just like on call. For example, if you’re at a fixed address in the near future, so you can receive your mail there. We ship both nationally and internationally, also by registered mail if you want to do this traceable.
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In this way, you can also receive your mail abroad. And you’ll never have to miss anything again, without having to go to the Poste Restante from the post office. And without having to engage others, who you always have to approach to ask if anything has come in and whether you can look at it.

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Receiving mail abroad: our Postbox

With our Postbox you have a Dutch postal address, which you can use to (temporarily) receive your mail. We make sure that we show you the mail digitally or that we collect it for you and periodically forward it to you. So you don’t have to miss anything anymore and still use it in a very simple and economical way. For only € 5,95 per month, plus the costs for scanning, storing and possibly forwarding.

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