Dutch postal address

Need a Dutch postal address? Handy if you are traveling for a longer period of time or are staying abroad for any other reason. Or if you want to receive business mail, but rather not at your private address.
At PriPost you rent a Postbox from € 5,95 per month. To receive your post at a Dutch address. Which we can store, scan and forward to you. Also abroad, while you just have a Dutch address.

Dutch postal address: how it works

Curious how it works when you apply for a postal address in the Netherlands? We’d like to explain it to you:

  • Apply for your Postbox
    Apply online, so you have a Dutch postal address available immediately.
  • Use your new postal address
    Pass on your new address to family, friends, customers, relations and authorities.
  • Receive your mail, also digitally
    We will send the mail to you or scan and upload it to our online platform.
Forward mail

Apply for a Dutch postal address

Applying is easy, just like renouncing it. So you can use the Dutch postal address as long as you want. And no longer than necessary, because we like to be flexible. So you can rely on a Dutch address to receive your mail, for the period you want to use it.

Tip: curious what a postal address in the Netherlands means? With our Postbox you have an address to have mail sent to. We receive the mail that friends, family, customers, relations or agencies send to you. And we will store, scan or forward it to you. So that you can work paperless, still receive your mail abroad so that you just have less to worry about.


Dutch postal address: business and private

Are you looking for a Dutch postal address? With us you can use this both business and privately. For example, not to give your customers your private address. Or if you are temporarily staying abroad and therefore have no address in the Netherlands.

We make sure that you can give up a postal address in the Netherlands, to anyone who wants to send you something. And we’ll forward the mail to you if you want. In the Netherlands and also abroad, or digitally if you find that easier. So you don’t have to miss any mail, without having to do anything about it yourself. And without having to ask friends or family to send it to you or check it out for you.

Are you ready to apply for your Postbox?

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