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Private address CoC

Are you looking for a postal address for the Chamber of Commerce? You can register your business at your private address and then use a different postal address. This means that you can pass on a different address to your customers and relationships. For example, for information they send, as well as invoices or other documentation. So that your private address is available in as few places as possible.

Please note: are you looking for a registration address for the Chamber of Commerce, other than your private address? Please be aware that there are conditions attached to this. We can serve you well at PriOffice.

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Shield address: use a postal address

Do you think it’s important to protect your private address at the Chamber of Commerce as well as possible? You can do that in a few different ways. With another registered business address, which we offer through PriOffice. And with a business postal address, which makes it easy to get rid of most visibility.

At the Chamber of Commerce, your private address will remain known. However, you can use the business postal address for all your customers, suppliers and other relationships. As a return address for your online webshop and for example for the (purchase) invoices you receive. Just like for other mail, which we can store, scan or forward. So you don’t have to miss anything, while except the Chamber of Commerce you can shield your private address.

Register at the Chamber of Commerce without an address: is that possible?

Do you want to register with the CoC without an address? This can be done by renting a registration address for the CoC. This goes beyond just a business postal address, which you can use for your customers, suppliers and other relationships.

In this way, you use another CoC registration address for the commercial register, so that your private address does not appear in it. Useful, for example, if you want to prevent customers from suddenly standing at your front door. For example, if they’re not happy with your products or services, or if something else is going on.


Shield private address at CoC

Do you want to shield your private address at the CoC or at least ensure that customers do not see and use it all the time? We are happy to explain how you do this. And what the possibilities are, to store, scan or forward mail. So you can receive everything without everyone being aware of where you live.

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