Postal address for companies

Postal address for companies wanted? The easiest way to shield your private address. And receive your business mail without any problems. Which we can store for you, scan or forward by snail mail.

Use it as your postal address for the Chamber of Commerce and prevent that you have to mention your private address. For example, on your website or in other communication to customers.

Business mail
business postal address

Postal address for companies: store, scan and forward

Curious about the possibilities with a postal address for companies? Let’s list them for you:

  • Store
    Have the business mail that you receive stored? The easiest way to avoid missing something. For example, if you can’t receive or process the mail temporarily.
  • Scan
    Receive your business mail digitally? We scan what comes in so you can work paperless and still don’t miss anything.
  • Forward
    We physically forward the mail to you, collected in a large envelope to avoid unnecessary additional costs.

Tip: are you looking for a business address for the CoC or a registration address for the Chamber of Commerce to rent? We can also help you with this with our service PriOffice.

With a postal address for your business you can be sure that you will receive all mail properly. You don’t miss any business messages and invoices from vendors, for example. At the same time, your private address does not need to be known. So that you can present yourself professionally and use our services to store, scan and forward your mail.

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