Business address for the Chamber of Commerce

If you don’t like to receive your business mail at home, you can choose a different postal address for the CoC. You use our Postbox, with which we receive your mail for you. And scan or forward it, depending on the processing you want.

Do you also want to change the business address, i.e. the address with which you are registered in the Commercial Register? You can rent a business address from us, because we meet the conditions set by the Chamber of Commerce.

Rent business address

Do you want to rent a business address and are you curious how it works? Unlike a business postal address for the CoC, there are a few conditions attached to this. For example, it is important that it is a physical location and that you have the opportunity to work there.

You can rent a business address for the Chamber of Commerce from PriOffice. We have locations in, for example, Amsterdam and Rotterdam, where you can go enjoy a nice workplace. That also means you can use this as a business address.

Please note:do you choose a business address for the CoC? This goes a step further than adjusting your business postal address or taking a different postal address for companies. Instead, you choose to actually change your registered business address. This means that your private address is completely protected.

Business mail

Business address for the Chamber of Commerce

Don’t you want to be in the Trade Register with your private address? Or is it not allowed to register a business at home, so you are looking for an alternative? In that case, you can use our addresses in Rotterdam or Amsterdam, among others.

In this way you provide a business address for the Chamber of Commerce, with which you neatly comply with the guidelines that apply. Because you can work there if you want. And of course you can hold meetings if necessary, because you can use the various facilities that are available. As a full-fledged business address, which also prevents you from having to receive customers at home address.

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