Renting a PO Box: a business alternative

Rent a P.O. box and use it for business? With our alternative you save money, you are more flexible and you can also view your mail digitally.
Our Postbox only costs € 5,95 per month, so you can use an official postal address cheaply. Where we can receive your (business) mail, which we can scan for you by default. This means that you can view the mail digitally, so that you are always informed without receiving it physically.

Tip: would you rather have the mail forwarded or stored? We have a mail retention service or we can forward the mail to you periodically with snail mail. You decide how we process your mail, simply by indicating your preferences in the customer portal.

Alternative to rent a business

Are you looking for an alternative to renting a business You may have trouble with the high costs or you may find it difficult to apply for a PO box. And are you looking for an alternative to digitally view, forward or store your mail? We offer you these possibilities, so you can choose what you like.

Tip: by default, we filter out the advertisement for you free of charge. And do you receive registered mail? We can sign for you and, for example, forward the mail to you at the time it suits you. That way we like to think along with you, to make it as easy as possible for you.

P.O. Box business

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