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Apply for a P.O. box: business opportunities

Apply for a P.O. Box for your company? Use our Postbox as your business postal address and avoid having to give your private address to customers and other relations. To make it easier to seperate business and private life, and for example to filter out the advertising.

Do you want to rent a P.O. box for business use, but prefer not to pay too much for it? We help you open an alternative to a P.O. box and use it for business. Just like other companies, freelancers, webshops, associations and foundations.

Tip: curator or administrator and do you process a lot of mail for clients? Also then, a business P.O. box is a good idea. Use our Postbox to receive the mail centrally and, for example, to have it scanned, so that you can receive it digitally. Take a look at this special page for administrators.

Open a business P.O. box

Open a business P.O. box and wonder how that works? It makes it easier to separate private and business. With mail entering our Postbox, while you can just work from home. Or in different locations, giving you complete freedom.

You don’t need to give customers your address because you use our Postbox instead. We can scan or forward the mail for you so that you can view it digitally or still receive it from us at your private address.

Tip: do you want to completely shield your private address? Therefore, use a registered business address for the Chamber of Commerce of PriOffice. Together with our Postbox, to not have to disclose your private address anywhere.


Snelle postverwerking door scannen

Apply for a P.O. box: business opportunities

Do you want to apply for a P.O. box and use it for business? Our Postbox is available for € 5,95 per month. In addition, you pay a low amount per scan,so you can view the post digitally. In your own customer portal, so you don’t have to miss important messages. While we filter out the advertising for you for free, if you like that.

The cost of your business P.O. box does not have to be high in this way. Thanks to our cheap alternative, with a Postbox that you can use the way you want. By having the mail scanned or forwarded to you. Or by having it scanned first, and afterwards collected and forwarded. So that you also receive the originals from us, without customers, relationships and others having to be aware of your private address. An interesting choice, which many freelancers and other companies have been using for years.

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