The alternative to the P.O. box at the Office Center

With our alternative to your P.O. box at the Office Center, you no longer have to leave the house or office to pick up your mail. PriPost offers a solution in which the mail ends up with you physically and / or digitally. This saves you a lot of time and is a lot cheaper. Because you already have our Postbox from € 5,95 per month, plus a small amount for scanning or forwarding the mail.


Smart alternative

We are your smart P.O. box alternative, with a number of important advantages:

  • Get mail scanned
    From now on, digitally view your mail? We can scan all the mail we receive for you. We scan several times a week so that your mail is quickly available, so you don’t have to miss anything. Easy to view online, even if you are (temporarily) on the other side of the world.
  • Without advertising
    No need for advertising that you receive? We simply take out the advertising for you for free, by only processing the mail that actually matters.
  • Collected forwarding
    Would you rather continue to receive your mail physically? We will forward it to you to an address of your choice. Collected in a larger envelope, so you easily save on costs.
  • Registered mail and parcels
    We can also receive registered mail for you in your Postbox. And do you also want to receive packages? Then activate our PriParcel service.

Cheap alternative

Instead of high, annual costs, you only pay a low monthly amount of € 5,95 for our Postbox And only when there is mail for you that we process, we charge a small amount extra for that. This way you only pay for what you really use and that is fair. After all, today we get less and less mail, so high, fixed costs are no longer of this time.

Flexible alternative

Today we live and work flexibly and people are no longer bound to one fixed place. That is why it is nice that with our Postbox you never have to change your postal address again, regardless of where you live, work or stay. Do you want to receive your mail somewhere else from now on? All you have to do is inform us and we’ll take care of it for you.

And because we also love freedom, you do not have long-term contracts with us. With a notice period of only 1 calendar month, you are free to go whenever you want and you are never unnecessarily long tied to it.

Payment Postbox

The better alternative to the at the Office Center

So rest assured, you don’t have to sit in the car any longer to pick up your mail at a mailbox location that is even further away… Join the thousands of customers from more than 88 countries of the world who have been using the Postbox for years. Many small and large entrepreneurs but certainly also many private individuals have preceded you and enjoy the practical advantages that the Postbox offers.