P.O. box alternative: good and cheap

P.O. box alternative wanted? It can be done better and cheaper. From €5 per month, with our Postbox. To receive your mail at a different address. Business or private, so you don’t have to pass on your private address to everyone. Or if you spend a lot of time abroad, so you can’t open the mail yourself.

With our alternative to the P.O. box you can have the mail scanned. And view it digitally in your customer portal. So you know exactly what’s coming in, while using our cheap P.O. box business or privately. No high cost, because on top of the monthly amount you pay a small amount per scan that we do for you.

Scanning mail

Cheap alternative

We are your cheap P.O. box alternative, of course based on clear rates. To start, to use it monthly and for any scans we do. Or to forward the mail to you, so that you can simply receive it at your private or business address.

We are your cheap P.O. box, with some important advantages:

  • Get mail scanned
    From now on, digitally view your mail? We can scan all mail you receive immediately upon arrival. Just available the same day so you don’t have to miss anything. Online viewing, even if you are (temporarily) on the other side of the world.
  • Without advertising
    No need for advertising that you receive privately or professionally? We’ll just filter out the advertising for you, just by only scanning what actually matters.
  • Collected forwarding
    Would you like to receive the original mail at your (private) address? We’ll forward it to you. Collected in a larger envelope, so you easily save on costs.

P.O. box alternative: good and cheap

Your P.O. box alternative is good and cheap. For example, to rent a Postbox for your business or to use it privately. With the ability to have your mail scanned and/or forwarded, we make sure you don’t have to miss important messages.

Standard for competitive rates, to make use of it in a cheap way. If you want to separate private and business, if you’re traveling the world or if you’d rather not have everyone knowing your private address. Whatever the reason, we are here for you at PriPost and make sure you don’t have to use an expensive P.O. box.

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