What is a P.O. box address?

What is a P.O. box address? It’s an official postal address, which you can use in all sorts of ways. Private, for example, if you are travelling or abroad for some other reason. And business if you prefer to keep your private address anonymous.

At the P.O. box address in the Netherlands we collect all the mail that comes in for you. Via PostNL, Sandd and all other carriers. We can then store, scan and forward the mail for you:

  • Store
    Do you temporarily not want to receive mail, for example because you are abroad? Use a P.O. box address to store your mail. So we can send it to you later or scan it for you immediately.
  • Scan
    Receive the mail digitally, for example to work paperless? We scan everything that comes in, so you can view this from your online customer portal. To not miss anything, without receiving the post itself physically.
  • Forward
    Without your private or business address being known, still receive physical mail? Use a P.O. box address. We’ll forward the mail to you so you can continue to receive it without any problems.

However you want to use the P.O. box address, we make sure you pay a low price for it. From € 5,95 per month, for private or business use. Thanks to the possibilities to store, scan and forward, just the way you want.

Scan mail

P.O. box address in the Netherlands: good and cheap

A cheap P.O. box address sought in the Netherlands? Cheaper than at PostNL and moreover for all mail you receive. Also through Sandd and other carriers, so you never have to miss anything. With the ability to scan and forward so you can receive the mail in an easy way.

We understand why you are looking for a P.O. box address in the Netherlands. And with the Postbox, we offer you that possibility. If you prefer not to disclose your address. Or if you temporarily don’t have an address in the Netherlands, because you travel abroad. And yet want to receive sweet cards from family and friends. Or don’t want to miss the important letters from Dutch authorities. Whatever you’re concerned with, we’ll make sure you can rely on our service.

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