Business mailbox

The best way to pass on a professional business address to your customers, suppliers and other relationships. Without mixing private and business. And without the need to keep track of the mail yourself or to drive to the traditional mailbox.

Instead, you can rent a mailbox for your business, where you can receive your physical mail. To have it forwarded to you or to have all mail scanned. So that you can look at it from our PriPortal and possibly still receive the original mail collected afterwards. Depending on your preferences, which you can easily pass on to us online.

Have mail forwarded

How can you use the mailbox for business?

Curious how you can use the mailbox for your business and what additional services we can provide? We have listed it for you:

  • Scan and digital viewing
    Use the business mailbox to view your mail digitally from now on? We immediately scan the mail the same day, so that you can view it in our PriPortal. As a digital mailbox, thanks to our Postbox for which we scan your mail immediately upon arrival.
  • Forward
    Do you (also) want to receive the mail from your business mailbox physically? We collect the mail in a larger envelope or in a package and forward it to you, periodically or on demand. To any address at home or abroad.

In addition, we can filter out the advertising for you for free and we can receive both registered mail and packages for you. So that you choose a professional and complete mailbox for business use, with which we take as much work as possible off your hands. And for which you pay a very competitive price per month at the same time.

Business mailbox: our Postbox

Interested in a business mailbox and curious how you can use it? You can apply our Postbox online. For which you only pay per month, plus the costs for scanning or forwarding the mail. So that you can use it in a cheap way and you no longer have to worry about it.

business postal address

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