Store mail at post office

Store mail at the post office? However, the post office storage service does not offer as many possibilities. With our PriPost Postbox you are actually flexible. By having your mail stored and forwarded on demand, by having it forwarded periodically or by having your mail scanned and view it digitally.

Alternative to post office

We are your alternative to the post office, with all kinds of handy extras. Because you will receive a message from us when we receive mail. And you can indicate in the customer portal how you want us to deal with it. For example, to forward it collected to you, in one large (and economical) envelope.

Curious about the benefits, if you choose to have the mail stored by us?

The advantages of the Postbox

  • Store it as long as you want
    Are you looking for an alternative to storing mail at the post office? We’ll store the mail as long as you want. At least two weeks, and then up to a month, several months or even longer. You decide.
  • Free for 30 days, then € 0,05 per day per mail item.
    By default, we store the mail for you for 30 days, just at no cost. And do you want to store the mail for longer, to have it forwarded on demand? Then you only pay € 0,05 per day that we store it for you.
  • Do you also want to have your packages stored?
    With PriParcel we are happy to be of service to you. With the same service, flexibility and low costs as PriPost.


postbus alternatief
Speciale service voor webshops

Do not store mail at post office: PriPost

You can have your mail stored with us, instead of at the post office. With our Postbox, already for € 5,95 a month. You only pay € 0,05 per day per mail item that we store for you and the first 30 days are free. And you don’t receive mail? Then we don’t charge any extra. In addition, we will send you a reminder if we store mail for you, so you don’t forget and have it forwarded on time.

Of course you can also use our postal storage service for business. And we store all mail, i.e. from both postNL, Sandd’s and every other postal company that delivers mail for you.

Tip: do you have your mail forwarded with a fixed frequency, for example once every 2 weeks or once a month? Then you pay no storage costs!