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Store Sandd mail

Fortunately, you can use our postal retention service. With a PriPost Postbox, which ensures that you can continue to receive mail if you stay abroad for a while, for example.

We receive the mail in your Postbox, where we store it for you or to forward it to you immediately. And do you choose to have the mail scanned? Then you can just view it digitally, so you’re always up to date.

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Sandd mail retention service

Would you like to use our Sandd mail retention service? We will receive all mail, both sandd’s and PostNL’s, FalkPost and any other mail you receive. Which you no longer have to keep at the post office.

You can use our mail retention service instead, both for individuals and businesses. Or have the mail forwarded or scanned, with which you determine how we handle it for you.

You only pay € 5,95 monthly for your Postbox, so you can have your Sandd mail stored in a cheap way. Together with the other mail you receive, which we will of course simply process in one go. And do you want to have the mail stored? You determine how long we do this for you, so that we can send it to you afterwards. The first 30 days are even completely free and after that you pay a small amount per mail item per day.

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Questions and answers regarding mail retention

What is the maximum time limit to store mail?2019-07-13T12:16:25+02:00

There is no maximum time limit. We keep the mail as short or as long as you want.