Mail retention service for individuals

Mail retention service for individuals wanted? We store your mail, because you can no longer do so at PostNL. And with us you can, while you decide how we do it for you and how you want to use it.

We are your mail retention service, both for individuals and for business customers. With a number of important advantages, as with the ability to receive your mail digitally. So you can see this online from home or even from the other side of the world on the same day.

Mail retention service for individuals: you decide

Curious how our mail retention service for individuals works? You decide how we do that for you. For example, by storing the mail and forwarding it to you as soon as you can receive mail again. Or we can immediately scan all the mail that comes in for you, so you can view it online the same day. And do you want to get the original mail forwarded in the end? That’s no problem. We store the mail as long as you want and forward it to you as soon as you are ready. To any address at home or abroad.

Of course you decide how long you want to use it and we store the mail from PostNL, Sandd,FalkPost and all other providers that deliver your mail. So you never have to miss anything again, without having to incur much cost for it.

You can already rent our Postbox for € 5,95 per month. Then you only pay €0.05 per mail item per day that we store for you. That way you make a very economical use of it, while you are sure that you never have to miss anything again. Even if you temporarily don’t have a fixed address, if you’re traveling abroad or if you just don’t want to share your private address everywhere.
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Thanks to our mail retention service for private individuals, with which we are happy to ensure that you have an alternative to the service of PostNL. Which is unfortunately no longer available, so you can no longer use it.

In addition, with our mail retention service for individuals, we ensure that you do not have to pick up the mail yourself. Because we’re forwarding the mail to you on demand. Or by having the mail scanned, so you can look at it from our PriPortal the same day.

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