Mail retention service

Can’t receive mail temporarily, for example because you’re abroad? We store your mail (and packages) and only send it to you when it suits you (again). To any address in the world. So you experience maximum freedom.

We can temporarily store your mail, both for individuals and business. And would you rather receive the mail digitally? Then we can scan it for you, so you can view everything online.

Mail retention service: 6 benefits

Want to know the benefits of our mail storage service? We’ll list 6 for you:

  • Store, scan, or forward
    Have your mail saved, scanned or forwarded? At PriPost, we do exactly what you prefere.
  • Mail from all providers
    We store mail from PostNL, Sandd, FalkPost and all other providers that deliver your mail.
  • You decide how long
    Are you going on a trip for a month or can’t receive mail for a few weeks? Or do you want to use it longer? You decide!
  • Quickly applied for (and canceled)
    Simply apply for our mail retention service online. And cancel it whenever you want, because we are so flexible.
  • Cheapest mail retention service
    You pay the lowest price for our retention service, while you can rely on our personal service.
  • Also for packages
    Do you like to order products online but are you not at home to receive them? Via Priparcel we can also receive, store and forward (consolidated) packages for you.
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Have mail forwarded

Store mail: how does it work?

Do you want us to keep your mail? Find out how it works:

  1. Apply for your Postbox
    Apply online, with your personal box number. For saving, scanning or forwarding.
  2. Use your new postal address
    Provide your new address to customers, relations, family and agencies so that we can receive the mail.
  3. Save mail
    We will save the mail, scan it for you or forward it. Just the way you want it to be.

Tip: would you rather not change your postal address and only use our service for a short time? Then temporarily switch on the forwarding service of PostNL so that your mail is temporarily forwarded to our address. Keep in mind that there are extra costs involved.

Temporarily store mail: what are the costs.

Curious about the costs for our retention service for your mail? You can rent our Postbox from only € 5,95 per month. In addition, after 30 days, we charge storage costs of € 0,05 per item per day. So the first 30 days are free!

Curious about all our rates? Check them out here,where we’ve lined them up for you.

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