Mail retention service: for business

Use the mail retention service for business? Unfortunately, PostNL no longer supports this possibility, so you can no longer use it. Instead, you can only opt for a forwarding service, so you can’t have mail stored.

At PriPost, we understand that you’re looking for a business retention service for your mail. For example if you cannot receive it now. And you want the mail stored, so that you can still have it sent to you at a later moment.

That’s why you can use our mail retention service,both business and private. With the ability to have your mail stored and forwarded later. Just on demand, as an alternative to scanning your mail.

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Store and forward on demand

Store your mail and have it forwarded for business later? We’ll forward your mail on demand. That means we’ll store it in the period when you don’t want to receive it yet. For example, if you don’t receive much mail and you don’t want to worry about it.

We collect the mail and store it for you. As soon as you get ready, we’ll send it to you. Neatly in one envelope or in one package, so that you do not incur too much costs.

You can use our mail retention service for business in the way you want. Even if you don’t receive much mail and still want to make sure you won’t miss it in the end. Or if you receive a lot of mail, to receive it collected at a later time. Both in the Netherlands and abroad, because we can of course also forward internationally, in addition to nationally.

Mail retention service: for business at PriPost

Looking for a mail retention service? We are happy to be of service to your business, although we also offer opportunities for individuals. So that you no longer have to have your mail stored at the post office. And you can use our cheaper Postbox instead.

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