Receive mail at any address at home and abroad

By collecting the mail and periodically forwarding it for you, so you don’t have to miss mail and don’t have to disclose your (private) address everywhere. With our Postbox you can have your mail forwarded without paying a high price for it. You only pay € 5,95 per month for the Postbox, plus the cost of the mail forwarding service.

With our Postbox you get your own postal address, which you can pass on to your customers, relations and others. Where they can send their physical mail, addressed to you. We’re collecting the mail that’s coming in. We put this in a large envelope, to forward it periodically to the address you provide us.

have mail forwarded

Tip: we forward the collected mail both within the Netherlands and internationally. And do you want to change your address if you regularly stay at other locations? No problem! Just as registered and traceable or as a package, we like to think along with you.

For example, you can have your mail forwarded immediately after receipt, once per week, twice per week or every day. And do you think once per 2 weeks or once per month is sufficient? Please tell us, and we will forward your mail in the way you like.

Is the Postbox the same as a P.O. box?

Our Postbox is up to 75% cheaper than the traditional In addition, we process your mail, for example by forwarding it to you. You can use the Postbox in a similar way to a P.O. box, but then including our extra services for forwarding or possibly scanning.

have mail forwarded

Also digital

Would you rather have your mail forwarded digitally from now on? That is also possible with our Postbox, so that you receive the mail in the way that is comfortable for you. About 75% of our customers choose this option because it is fast and economical. And do you want to receive the original mail later? Indicate this in the portal and we will make sure you receive it. Your mail is in good hands with us.

What is the price to have mail forwarded?

Of course, you want to know what it costs to have the mail forwarded. The costs for a national shipment are € 7,02 and for international shipments you pay € 12,42. It does not matter whether we forward 2 or 20 envelopes, making it worthwhile to have the mail collected for some time.

Tip: we can filter out the advertising for you free of charge and also accept registered mail and packages for you.

Do you want to receive your mail somewhere else or forward the mail for business? These are solutions we are happy to help you with. So you can have the mail forwarded or use our Postbox in a different way.

have mail forwarded