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Mail forwarding service

Avoid asking family or friends to check your mailbox and forward all mail. Thanks to our mail forwarding service. Also for entrepreneurs without a permanent office. For example, if you’d rather not use your private address for business. Do you want to have your mail forwarded? PriPost will fix it for you, whatever your reason.

Cheap mail forwarding service

We are your cheap mail forwarding service, which gives you a number of important advantages:

  • Cheap solution
    Cheaper than PostNL, Sandd and other providers. A cheap mail forwarding service, with personal service.
  • Easiest way
    At PriPost, we like to make it easy for you. So you can be sure you’re just going to keep receiving your mail without having to worry about it.
  • International
    We forward to addresses all over the world. To entrepreneurs and travellers, for example.
  • For individuals and business owners
    Use our mail forwarding service both privately and professionally.

Tip: also have your packages forwarded? We are also happy to be of service to you via PriParcel.

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Please note: do you have any doubts about the mail forwarding service of PostNL and Sandd, for example? You pay a high price, while you can only make temporary use of it. In addition, they only forward their ‘own’ mail, so you would have to take the service everywhere. We’ll forward you all the mail.

Also forward digitally

Would you rather have your mail forwarded digitally, for example for business? We can scan your mail and upload it for you. So you can view it from the customer portal. And do you want to have the mail forwarded to your accountant right away? This is also easily to arrange through the portal.

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Mail forwarding service: how it works

Do you want to receive your mail somewhere else? We’d like to explain how easily our mail forwarding service works:

  1. Apply for your Postbox
    Apply online, so you will receive a new postal address immediately.
  2. Use your new postal address
    Please pass on your new address to customers, relations, family and agencies.
  3. Receive your mail, also digitally
    We will send the mail to you or we scan and upload it.

The easiest way to have your mail forwarded, just with our forwarding service. Cheaper than at PostNL and Sandd, with our personal service.

Are you ready to apply for your Postbox?

Arrange it easily within a few minutes!

Do you first want some more information or do you have a specific question?

Call us, send an e-mail or chat with our employees via the contact page.

Questions and answers regarding forwarding mail

How much does it cost to forward my mail?2020-01-12T12:54:41+01:00

The costs of forwarding your mail nationally are € 7,02 per shipment regardless of the numbers of letters in the shipment. In these costs are calculated: collecting the mail, bundling into one envelope, labeling, posting, administrative handling and communicating with you as a customer. For international mail the costs are € 12,42 per shipment.

How does mail forwarding work?2020-01-12T13:56:26+01:00

Mail is processed daily by PriPost. The forwarding of mail (to the postal address you specify) is done according to the frequency you specify (from immediately after receipt to once a month). All mail from your Postbox is combined in 1 large envelope that we forward. You will receive a message at the time of shipment so that you know that mail is on its way. PriPost is always stated as a return address on the envelope. Normally (within the Netherlands) the mail is delivered the next day.

How do my relations list my mailing address?2019-07-10T09:18:37+02:00

Click here for more info about the listing of your address.

Can I have my mail forwarded to another country?2019-07-15T00:22:23+02:00

Yes, this is possible. We can send your mail anywhere, regardless of which country you are staying.

Can I change the frequency of forwarding in the meantime?2019-07-13T12:42:04+02:00

You can adjust the frequency of mail forwarding at any time. You can easily do this in the on-line customer portal.

Can I change the address that my mail is sent to?2019-07-13T12:41:13+02:00

You can easily change your mailing address or other settings via the on-line customer portal.

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