Your mail accessible anytime, anywhere

In a Postbox, you can receive both your business and private mail. Anonymous if you prefer not to disclose your address everywhere. And digital when you’re traveling, for example. You can use the address as a professional address for your business contacts, which doesn’t require you to show everyone that you’re just working from home. In short, a Postbox offers a solution in several ways:

  • A professional look to your customers

  • Never change your address again

  • A smart alternative to the

  • More privacy / anonymity

  • Be able to receive your mail anywhere

  • Receive mail digitally

  • Separating business and private life

Apply for a Postbox
apply for a postbox

Postal address

When you apply for a Postbox, you choose a unique Postbox number to start with. That number in combination with one of our addresses is your new postal address. You can then pass that address on to all your relationships and agencies from whom you receive mail. Think of your health insurance or the tax authorities, for example, so that they can send the mail to that address from now on. Don’t forget to clearly state your Postbox number . The lack of the Postbox number can cause delays in mail processing.

apply for a postbox

Mail processing

When we receive mail for you, we process it according to your wishes. You enter these wishes in the customer portal by setting up your Postbox. We can process the mail in different ways:

  • Scan
    We scan everything that comes in so you can just read it online. We can scan the contents immediately or we can first make a scan of the envelope. That way you can decide per envelope what we should do with it.
  • Forward
    Would you rather receive the mail physically? That too is possible. We will forward the mail to you, collected in a larger envelope. And that can go to any address worldwide.
  • Store
    A while abroad and no fixed address to receive mail? We store your mail (and also packages), as long as you want. Then we forward them to you as soon as you have the opportunity to receive your mail.

Tip: we can filter out advertising for you free of charge!

Additional recipients / addressees

You can also add additional recipients. These are additional company names or people for whom you also want to receive mail in your Postbox. The number of recipients is unlimited, only if there are more than 5, you pay €1,- per addressee per month extra.