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How does it work

With PriPost you can easily arrange everything online. But if you have a question and you prefer to receive personal assistance, you can call, email or chat with us. We are happy to help you!

Apply for a Postbox

You arrange it in a few minutes!

  • Click on Apply

  • Create a PriServices account to access the online platform (PriPortal)

  • Click on the activation link that you will receive from us by automatic email

  • Choose PriPost in the PriPortal and complete your application
    We ask you to fill in some personal details, because we are required by law under the Wwft. Your personal information is safe with us and we will never share it with third parties unless required to do so by law.

  • Choose a Postbox number that is unique to you.
    It consists of a letter and a number, for example: B2300. This Postbox number in combination with our addressesforms your new postal address.

  • Make an initial deposit of € 50 in your deposit.
    This is your prepaid, online wallet with which we settle the costs for your Postbox and mail processing.

  • Done!
    Communicate your new postal address to all your relations and put it on your website, for example.


Set up your Postbox

In the PriPortal you can easily arrange all your postal matters and you can set up your Postbox. In other words, indicate how we should process your mail. You choose one of the following processing methods:

  • Forward
    Here you choose a frequency or ‘on demand’ where we only forward the mail when you give us a sign.
  • Scan
    We always do this immediately upon receipt. You can also indicate what we should do with the original mail.

In addition, you indicate whether we:

  • Need to filter out advertising (we do it for FREE)
  • Accept registered mail

You can also add additional recipients. These are, for example, extra company names or other people for whom you also want to receive mail. The number of addressees is unlimited, only additional costs will be charged from the 4th additional addressee.

Do you want us to receive packages for you too?
Then also create a (free) account at PriParcel. You can also easily arrange this in the PriPortal.

You can always change all the settings that you choose!

PriPost stuurt uw post door


Because the costs for a Postbox are very low, we work with an online wallet. We call that an ‘e-wallet’ and you can deposit money in it via Ideal, credit card or direct debit, among other things. The costs for forwarding or scanning mail, for example, are deducted from the e-wallet. You will automatically receive a reminder when the e-wallet needs to be topped up. Click here for more information about payment and invoicing.


Of course we hope that you will stay with us for a very long time. But if you decide to no longer need your Postbox, you can cancel at any time. You have a notice period of one full calendar month. So no long contracts, but freedom!

Are you ready and want to apply for a Postbox?

Arrange it easily within a few minutes!

Do you first want some more information or do you have a specific question?

Call, mail or chat with one of our employees via the contactpage.

Questions and answers regarding a Postbox

I cannot state a Postbox number by an authority. What are the consequences?2019-07-10T15:05:22+01:00

Although rare, in some cases it may not be possible (due to limitations in automation at the relevant authority) to provide additional address information, such as a Postbox number. The possibility for a second address line is missing. Alternatively, you can state the Postbox number in the name, for example: Jan Jansen (R320). In practice, we see that this creates little to no problems. If a box number is missing, PriPost will look at the company name (or addressee) and ensure that the mail ends up in the correct Postbox.

You can find more information about the different options for mentioning the box number on Attention! If the box number is not stated, additional processing costs per postal item will be charged. These costs are not calculated when you have informed us that mentioning is really not possible and we have been able to check this. At this moment we are aware of the relocation service of PostNL and Waternet. Have you found another authority where you encounter the same problem? Then we would like to hear this and after checking we can add this to the list.

Can I still make changes to my application at a later date?2019-07-10T11:16:50+01:00

Yes, this is possible. You can change your settings at any moment via the online customer portal. For example, changing the frequency of forwarding or changing your mailing address is easily done. If you change the primary processing setting (forwarding, scanning or storing), this will only take effect from the next billing period. However, the name of the applicant (Postbox holder) and possibly the company name (in the case of a business application) cannot be changed, because the agreement was entered into with this.

What is addressee and can I specify more than one?2019-07-03T16:21:05+01:00

Mail in your Postbox is received under the name of the addressee. PriPost checks if the name belongs to the Postbox number. This is important to prevent mail from being assigned to the wrong person during the sorting process. You can add four additional addressees to your list of addressees (in total 5) free of charge. A small amount will be charged from the sixth. This way you can also let us process the mail of your family members by adding their names on the list of addressees. If you wish to receive mail anonymously, you can specify a fictional name. For business customers, therefore, multiple company names can be specified.

Do I need a customer number with PostNL?2019-05-01T12:49:18+01:00

No, PriPost is completely detached from PostNL.

Is a Postbox the same as a PO Box?2019-07-10T11:48:27+01:00

No, there are even considerable differences between them. We have listed the most important differences:

Kosten per jaar
€ 60,00
€ 219,50
Eenmalige kosten
€ 22,50 TIJDELIJK NU € 15,00
€ 41,00
één maand
Inclusief kantooradres
Pakketten ontvangen
Reclame filteren
Niet mogelijk
Post scannen
Can I choose my Postbox number?2019-07-10T12:50:52+01:00

At the beginning of your application, choose a letter and a number from the list. These two together form your Postbox number.

I almost don’t receive any mail, why should I have a Postbox?2019-07-15T00:21:56+01:00

Just because there is less and fewer physical mail, it is advisable to outsource this professionally to an external party. This saves you money and time! A P.O. Box of PostNL quickly costs hundreds of euros a year, and there is still the time you spend every time you go to the PO Box to find out that there is no post at all… PriPost offers a modern and flexible solution where you keep the costs in hand, have a business look, and private and business are separated.

I did not receive an email with the confirmation. What now?2019-07-10T12:47:27+01:00

It may be that the email did not come through your spam filter. Look in your spambox/junkmail for verification. If you cannot find the email there, please contact us.

Is PriPost a service from PostNL?2019-05-01T12:49:18+01:00

No. PriPost is completely detached from PostNL or TNT.

How do my relations list my mailing address?2019-07-10T09:18:37+01:00

Click here for more info about the listing of your address.

How do I apply for a Postbox?2019-07-13T12:08:49+01:00

The procedure is simple:

  1. Click on ‘request directly’ and then choose a letter and a number, together this forms your unique Postbox number
  2. Enter the requested information and check it
  3. After your approval you can digitally sign the agreement

After the application you can communicate your new mailing address directly to all your relations. You can also set up your Postbox directly with your personal preferences with regard to mail processing. This is all very easy via the on-line customer portal.