Free postal address for Ukrainians

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We can’t imagine what it’s like to have to leave home and hearth when war breaks out. However, we do understand what practical problems it leads to if you no longer have a postal address as a result.

If you want to arrange something with the government, agencies or institutions, you need a postal address. That is why we offer everyone who flees from Ukraine a free postal address at one of our locations in the Netherlands.

  • Free postal address for Ukrainians on the run

  • Receive your mail digitally from governments, agencies, institutions, etc.

  • We will receive the mail and will scan it for you free of charge

  • You view your post digitally, wherever you are

We organize this action especially for people fleeing the war in Ukraine. It does not matter where you are or live at the moment, that may be in the Netherlands, in the rest of Europe and everywhere in the world. If you have a Ukrainian passport, we can help you.


100% free postal address

Your postal address is completely free if you are fleeing the war in Ukraine.

  • Use the discount code FREEUKRAINE with your application
  • You don’t pay a sign-up fee
  • You don’t pay monthly fees
  • You don’t pay any scanning costs

Please note: do you also want to have your mail physically forwarded to your current place of residence? Contact us and we will tell you our competitive rates for this.

The conditions

You can request a free postal address if you have a Ukrainian passport and are fleeing the war. Due to the WwFT (Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Act), we are not allowed to help you with just a driver’s license or other proof of identity. We need your passport details.

In principle, your postal address is available free of charge for 1 year since the start of the war. Our offer ends in consultation, as soon as the situation returns to normal. Conversely, we can review the situation after a year, in order to extend it if necessary.

Please note:

  • The free postal address is only suitable for receiving mail. Do you want to receive packages? You can contact PriParcel.
  • This only concerns a postal address and no registration address for the municipality (no ‘briefadres’, no GBA / BRP registration)
  • There is a fair-use policy on free scanning of the mail
  • There is a check on fair use of this action, as it is only intended for people who are fleeing the war and have a Ukrainian passport.

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