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Forwarding mail

For approximately 25% of our customers we collect the mail and send it periodically (for around 70% we scan the mail and for 5% we store it and send it on demand).

How does it work?

All incoming mail is collected and sent in a larger envelope to a postal address specified by you, within the Netherlands or abroad. You can always change this address, for example if you are staying at different locations. By default, mail is sent as regular (non-traceable mail). However, you can also indicate that you want to always receive mail traceable (registered or as a parcel).
You determine the frequency of forwarding:

  • Immediately upon receipt

  • 5 x per week

  • 1 x per week

  • 2 x per week

  • 1 x per 2 weeks

  • 1 x per month

What are the costs?

The processing costs for forwarding mail are € 1,98 per shipment plus postage. It does not matter whether there are 5 or 50 envelopes in the shipment, the processing costs remain the same. The postage is calculated based on the weight and the country to which it is sent.

If there is no mail for you, nothing will be forwarded and of course no handling costs will be charged.

Rates overview – Mail forwarding

If desired, we filter out advertising for you (free of charge). It is also possible that PriPost accepts registered mail and / or parcels for you.

Click here for a complete overview of all rates.

Is a Postbox the same as a PO Box?

A Postbox is not the same but comparable. The main difference is in the price (up to 75% cheaper) and that PriPost processes the mail and the mail cannot be picked up.

Cost per year
€ 54,00
€ 209,50
Start-up costs
€ 22,50 TEMPORARY NOW € 15,00
€ 39,00
Contract duration
Immediately cancelable
Annual contract
Includes office address
Receive packages
Filter advertising
Not possible
Scan mail

Questions and answers regarding mail forwarding

Can I change the address that my mail is sent to?2019-07-13T12:41:13+01:00

You can easily change your mailing address or other settings via the on-line customer portal.

How does mail forwarding work?2019-07-13T12:40:20+01:00

Mail is processed daily by PriPost. The forwarding of mail (to the postal address you specify) is done according to the frequency you specify (from 5 x per week to 1 x per 4 weeks). All mail from your Postbox is combined in 1 large envelope that we address and frank. You will receive a message at the time of shipment so that you know that mail is on its way. PriPost is always stated as a return address on the envelope. Normally (within the Netherlands) the mail is delivered the next day.

What are the costs for forwarding my mail?2019-07-03T16:09:22+01:00

Forwarding mail costs € 1,98 regardless of the amount of mail. We deduct this from your e-wallet. These costs include: the collection of mail, bundling in one envelope, labeling, mailing, administrative handling and communication with you as a customer. The postage costs are added to this and depend on the weight and the location where the mail has to go. This will be charged separately – so outside of € 1,98.

Can I have my mail forwarded to another country?2019-07-15T00:22:23+01:00

Yes, this is possible. We can send your mail anywhere, regardless of which country you are staying.

How do my relations list my mailing address?2019-07-10T09:18:37+01:00

Click here for more info about the listing of your address.

Can I change the frequency of forwarding in the meantime?2019-07-13T12:42:04+01:00

You can adjust the frequency of mail forwarding at any time. You can easily do this in the on-line customer portal.