Discover the possibilities in the Demo Portal

Curious about how the portal actually works and what you can do with the different services? We can well imagine that! To do this, simply create a test account in our demo portal. Experience the convenience yourself first, before you make the decision to purchase. This way you know exactly what to expect.

Gepubliceerd op 8 March 2023


Via our demo portal you can test the different functionalities for a month. Free and for nothing, just meant for you to experience the benefits of the Postbox. What can you do, among other things:

  • Receive samples of scanned mail and easily read the letters via the app or in the demo portal
  • Receive notifications when new mail is waiting for you
  • Create ‘smart’ folders in your inbox that instantly forward mail to an email address
  • Download, archive or move the documents in the different folders
  • View the various settings in terms of mail processing; forwarding, scanning, filtering advertising, etc.
  • Experience how it works to top up your balance, receive an invoice and monitor costs
  • And much more….

Everything can be clicked on, everything is free, and of course you will also receive some nice letters with interesting facts…:-)

Maak nu je demo account


  • 1

    Enter your name and email address and create a password. Click Create account.

  • 2

    Check your email with the username

  • 3

    Log in with your username and password

  • 4

    Safety no. 1! Check your mail again for the 2FA (verification) 6-digit code

  • 5

    Done! You can log in and use the demo portal for one month

Also download the PriPost app and receive notifications when there is a demo letter for you! The login codes for the app are the same as for the demo portal.

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Google play store

Multiple services

In the demo portal you will not only see the postal service (Demo-Post), but also demos of the other services. Various services have been ‘turned on’, so that you can immediately gain experience with other smart solutions offered by the PriGroup.

What other Pri(demo) services do you see:

PriParcel offers a delivery address for parcels. Packages from all carriers and from all countries are received and forwarded (consolidated) to any address worldwide. In the demo portal you will find, among other things, photos of the packages received. You can indicate which packages you want forwarded and where to. In addition, PriParcel also offers a service for receiving and processing webshop returns.


PriTelecom offers a very affordable VoIP telephone number with which you can be reached on a ‘landline’ telephone number via your mobile and our handy app. You can be reached at this number and you can call cheaply. For just a few euros a month you already have a fixed number that you can use on your smartphone.


PriOffice offers a business / visiting address for the Chamber of Commerce from only € 32,50 per month and the possibility for entrepreneurs to work and / or meet at our 12 offices in the Netherlands. You will receive a rental agreement with which you establish your company at the Chamber of Commerce at one of our PriOffice locations.
Please note: this service can only be requested if you have a business account and is therefore not enabled in the demo portal.