PriPost processes all mail for PriOffice customers

In the online platform (PriPortal) you indicate how your mail should be processed:

  • You can have the mail forwarded
    The envelopes are collected in a larger envelope and forwarded to you by mail.
  • You can have the mail scanned
    Your mail is often available in the PriPortal on the same day. You can view, download or archive the documents. You can also send documents directly to your accountant through the ‘smart folders’ documents. Super handy!
  • A combination of scanning and forwarding is also possible

Benefits of cooperation between PriPost and PriOffice

PriPost processes the mail for thousands of customers from more than 50 countries, so we have a lot of experience. That allows you to make sure your mail is in good hands! This is in contrast to other flex offices, where mail is often an afterthought and it is less well organized. Because PriPost specializes in mail processing, you have several additional options that you can use:

  • Free filtering of addressed advertising
  • Receive registered mail
  • Forward (as registered) mail
  • Receive packages

Check out the different processing options PriPost offers here.

You can easily arrange everything online via the PriPortal. A customer-friendly platform where you arrange your practical things in one place that you need as an entrepreneur!

PriPost and PriOffice collaboration
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