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Avoid an overflowing mailbox with the storage service from PriPost

The holiday time has come and of course that is a time to enjoy. Unfortunately, it is also a time that burglars try to make the move, because people are away from home for a long time. An overflowing letterbox or a doormat with a large stack of envelopes gives them a clear signal that the residents are not at home for the time being. In the past, many people used PostNL’s storage service to temporarily stop their mail during the holidays, but that service no longer exists

The solution: store, forward or scan mail

Fortunately, PriPost offers a solution, which is also much more practical than the traditional mail storage service. PriPost offers an alternative postal address and with that you will now have access to your mail anytime, anywhere. Even when you’re abroad. This not only prevents an overflowing mailbox, but also that you miss important mail. In addition to saving mail, we can also forward or scanthe mail.

How it works?

Within minutes you can already have a new postal address. You choose your unique Postbox number and together with one of the different addresses we have available (in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Leidschendam and Barcelona), this will be your new postal address. You can then communicate this postal address directly to all your relationships and business agencies. When they want to send mail to you, they will now use that address with your unique Postbox number.

An overflowing letterbox during the holidays

When you have requested a Postbox, you get direct access to the on-line customer portal. Here you can easily set how we should process your mail. For example, we can also receive packages for you and registered documents. We can also filter advertisements free of charge if you wish.

A Postbox at PriPost versus the PostNL storage service

The former PostNL storage service quickly cost tens of euro’s a week and only offered a solution for a few weeks.
A Postbox from PriPost is many times cheaper and offers a solution for the long term. Not only for every vacation, but also when you move. You just have to give us your new address and we will send the mail there from now on. An additional advantage is that you no longer have to provide your private address everywhere. What is also very handy is that we can receive packages for you. So you don’t have to be at home every time. We can consolidate the packages into 1 large package and send it on when it suits you.

A few frequently asked questions

Is the PostNL or Sandd forwarding service an option?

PostNL and Sandd are postal deliverers. In other words, they are called in by companies to deliver their mail.
Therefore, when you request the PostNL forwarding service, PostNL can only forward that mail that they deliver. If your insurer has chosen to send the mail via Sandd, PostNL cannot do anything with it. In short, you will always also have to request the forwarding service of Sandd. The big disadvantage is that for 2 weeks you will soon pay between 60 and 100 euros… Another big drawback, and many people don’t know that, is that it takes about 2 weeks to request the forwarding service.

Applying for a postal address from PriPost is arranged in only a few minutes and then you are ready for all your future holidays. Our addresses simply receive all mail from all deliverers, just like at your home. We will then process the mail by storing it, scanning it or forwarding it.

Can PriPost intercept the mail for me?

No, fortunately, that’s not possible. It would be very dangerous if someone other than yourself could ask your bank, the tax authorities, your insurer and other agencies to send your mail somewhere else. That’s something you can easily do yourself. We have a handy checklist for you so you don’t forget to notify anyone about your new postal address.

Can I only enable PriPost for the duration of my holiday?

PriPost offers a long-term solution. So not only for the upcoming holiday but also for all the holidays after that. When you start using a PriPost Postbox, you’ll need to notify all your relationships and agencies from whom you receive mail about your new postal address. Of course you don’t do this and then after 2 weeks of holiday tell them that they have to turn the address back…

Are you ready and want to apply for a Postbox?

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